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Floor Tiles - How Much Is Too Much?

You might be wondering what it is I've been working on these past few weeks... Well, flooring to be perfectly honest.

Been making tiles. Tiles for days... Plain tiles, bloody tiles, grated tiles, that sort of thing. Read the devblog in bio for more. #gameart #pixelart #pixel #tileset #floortile #gamedev #gamedesign #indiedev #indiestudio #unity #unity3d #madewithunity #eclipseperilous #survivalhorror #roguelike A post shared by Inigo (@ceritusorbis) on Sep 5, 2018 at 2:25pm PDT

For the most part, the ship will have multiple environment tilesets based on what deck the player is on. For example, there will crew quarters, command, observation, science, engineering, and so on. Each of these will have similar but unique tiles in order for the player to immediately know where they are.

For now I've been working on the starting deck - the crew quarters. Surfaces are mostly plain brass with the occasional grating. But seeing just plain floor tiles is kinda boring, so even the floor …
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Coding schmoding: Populating Levels

Apologies for not updating last week. I ran into a number of problems while trying to put items in levels. It certainly sounded simple enough, right? If there's room for something to spawn, then spawn it. Boom, done.

Of course it's more problematic than it first seemed. Long story short, last week I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out why functions I wrote weren't spawning anything at all. I don't recall all of the problems, but it was just one thing after another. You should have seen my browser tab - it was filled with Unity reference pages.

In any case, I decided to pick it back up this week, and finally got some progress forward.

Lots of learning and coding these past couple of weeks. Been trying to randomly spawn objects in the game world. Took longer than I wanted, and it's still wonky. Making progress, though. My sanity thanks liquor and pot. Read the Devblog in bio. #gamedev #gamedesign #indiegame #indiedev #solodev #indiestudio #prototyping #bsp…

Elemental Pests: The Æther Gremlin

Dusk creatures are not the only enemies the player will encounter. As with any ship or boat, it has its own type of pests such as bugs, birds, and rats. In Eclipse Perilous, the airships of the Sky Nation of Albion is beset with pests, albeit the Elemental kind.

Here is one such pest: the Æther Gremlin.

Not every enemy is made of Dusk. This one is an Æther Gremlin. It can merge with other gremlins, eat your metallic weapons and armor, and fights as part of a swarm. I need to make this particular Gremlin 'fatter'. It seems a tad thin... Devblog in bio. #gameart #pixelart #pixel #survivalhorror #roguelike #gamedev #unity #unity3d #indiedev #indiestudio #indiegame #gamedesign #eclipseperilousA post shared by Inigo (@ceritusorbis) on Jul 30, 2018 at 6:08pm PDT

Elemental Traits
Resilient. Elementals are typically moderately resistant to all forms of damage. This includes physical, psionic, and other elemental damage types.

Swarm. Individually, each Elemental poses little threat - they…

Instantiating Doors ~ A Tragedie

Most other roguelike developers prefer to path hallways between the rooms, and then instantiate walls around every floor tile. This makes creating a pathway through the dungeon a rather simple affair. In my case, however, I didn't want to have the traditional hallway type between the rooms. Rather, I want the overall design to mimic a boat - large rooms that are interconnected through passageways that run parallel.

Because of this design choice, instantiating doors has been a major pain. This is mostly because I don't know all of the tools available to me quite yet, and figuring out which one to use where takes some research. Then, of course, using it properly means iterating the code until it works. The slew of problems that had to be ironed out included the doors and walls not aligning, walls not instantiating at all, doors instantiating in room corners, wall tiles being replaced by door tiles, and so on.

You can sort of see how I refined door creation through the album belo…

The Duskblade And You

Last week we discussed the idea of Dusk creatures, which are corrupted versions of creatures that appear to be condensed shadow. Last week the focus on the Duskrat, a simple scavenger with a few abilities that have the potential to hurt the player badly. This week we'll chat about the Duskblade, a much more lethal enemy the player will encounter.

Here's my initial concept of the creature:
This enemy is the #Duskblade. It'll be a low level boss before turning into a regular enemy in later levels. Like other Dusk creatures, the Blade will hunt in pairs or even packs. These things are incredibly tough and will cause terrible corrupting damage in melee. It would be best if they're avoided altogether. Devblog in bio. #gameart #pixelart #pixel #survivalhorror #roguelike #gamedev #unity #indiedev #indiestudio #indiegame #gamedesign #eclipseperilous A post shared by Inigo Gonzalez (@ceritusorbis) on Jul 18, 2018 at 3:09pm PDT

Just like the Duskrat, the Duskblade will have all …

Duskrats: A Primer

In Eclipse Perilous, the majority of the enemies that are swarming the ship are versions of the people and critters who have been corrupted by the shadows pouring forth from the eclipse. They appear as ghostly forms made out of a purplish mist, which appears to darken and condense deeper within the creature itself. Think of it like seeing a person with thermal imaging, except instead of registering heat, it is registering darkness.

This is the Duskrat, one of the first few hostile creatures that the player will encounter in Eclipse Perilous. Dusk creatures tend to hunt in pairs or packs. Rats specifically will stealth, distract, and backstab. Physiologically, these creatures are made of shadow. Picture a thermal image ala Predator, but switch the color palette to purple. Devblog in bio. #gameart #pixelart #survival #horror #roguelike #gamedev #unity #indiedev #indiegame #eclipseperilous A post shared by Inigo Gonzalez (@ceritusorbis) on Jul 11, 2018 at 3:31pm PDT

Anyway, let's ge…


Alright. Clearly this devblog has fallen by the wayside; it has been months since my last post. There's a really good reason for that, however. No, it's not because I've stopped developing. I had actually gotten far enough to draft up wireframes for the game's UI. Rather, I've pivoted the project altogether. Previously, Fractal was going to be an Interactive Fiction series, however after giving it a ton of thought, I've realized that I want to develop Fractal across multiple genres. Because the stories are fairly diverse, they actually would be better if they're in different genres as well. Specifically in genres that I personally love to play myself: roguelikes, strategy, adventure, and rpg's.

Instead of developing ONI, I've pivoted to Eclipse Perilous, which will be a steampunk survival horror roguelike with crafting elements. I love roguelikes. I must have been eight or nine when I was introduced to the game that spawned the whole genre - Rogue. …