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A Narrative Analysis of Dragon Ball Super: Broly Part 1

Yes, I know: analysis like this really isn't very necessary for what is essentially a shonen. The Dragon Ballfranchiseutilizes an incredibly simplistic narrative structure. This is still true for Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball Super: Broly. But it's still fun to take a look at in detail, especially at the things we might otherwise miss during the spectacle of it all.

A few quick notes to think about before going in. Mainly it's that Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, has a very lax way of writing his stories. In essence, he writes stories specifically for the chapter, not necessarily for the arc as a whole. This in turn results in multiple retcons across the story's entirety.

The official excuse is that he is forgetful, which may or may not be true. I believe that the real reason is that he just doesn't care - he is more invested in his characters' future than he is in their past. While this does suck from a plot cohesiveness standpoint, it has its…
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Biggest Hurdle Thus Far

As I go through the RogueSharp code, it becomes more and more obvious that the biggest obstacle I have right now is map generation. Currently, RogueSharp uses a trimmed-down version of the classic random placement map with centered tunneling. It's an unbeatable basis for any kind of dungeon crawl, and most roguelikes use it.

Except it's totally wrong for Eclipse Perilous. The game is set on an airship, so things have to be tight and compact. Cabins and rooms are linked to each other by narrow passageways rather than hallways. In terms of design, it's critical to employ that kind of claustrophobia to most of these maps. Long story short, I have to set this map generator aside, but not completely - I have plans for a chapter to use this kind of map generation. It's supposed to be jarring and unfamiliar, so switching out map generators here would help push that feeling even more.

In any case, to replace the classic generator, I have to rebuild a cleaner version of BSP'…

Preliminary Notes Part One

Hello to no-one in particular. Marketing plan hasn't kicked in yet - probably won't be until Summer-ish. Just posting anyway to maintain diligence. Not that there's much to talk about as I'm just doing research. However, as I go through the RogueSharp code and tutorial, I find myself making mental notes here and there as to what kinds of things I need to change. I figured that I should jot those notes down into a post or two instead. Two birds with one stone, and all that jazz.

Set tilesize to 32x32. I had set it to 64x64 in my first experiment, and it was just too large. 32 is meaty enough for any thumb or finger and has enough detail for the thin character design I want to use.Explore possibility of passageways > hallwaysThis is necessary to give a cramped, trapped-on-a-boat type of horror, but with enough room for tactical choices. Better yet, no passageways or hallways, and just lots of little rooms inside of a 'big room'. That would make things easier to…

What's the opposite of unravel?

Can't seem to think of the word at the moment. Anyway, apologies again for the super late blog post. Not that anyone's reading, but that's neither here nor there. This is supposed to be a minor test of discipline, and I keep shrugging it off. To be fair, I've typed up posts. I just haven't published many of them. I typically give myself time to edit before publishing, and the last few especially didn't seem to cut it on review.

This time, I'm just going to spew out whatever I've been doing and just straight up publish. Again, I apologize for the many errors you'll see. Not really caring, just want to get more activity going again.

Anyway, I had mentioned previously that I found a tool called RogueSharp. I was having difficulty understanding it, because I'm just not familiar with RLNet in the first place. I then tried to find people who had already created a translation, which took a little time. I ultimately found the RogueSharp Tutorial Unity P…

Resolutions Schmesolutions

When I was in high school, I had a somewhat chaotic approach to cleaning. It began when I got frustrated by a cluttered desk, and dumped everything on the floor. I put back only the things I absolutely needed, shelved a few other things, and threw away everything else. This turned into a cleaning ritual where everything was classified as "keep", "store", or "discard". The goal was to discard as much as possible while treasuring only the things I truly wanted to keep.

Over time, that habit of mine evolved into something different. It became the cornerstone of my minimalist lifestyle. I learned to judge who and what I needed to treasure, and who and what I needed to discard. But it wasn't only about surroundings - it was also about self. I always found the idea of a classical hermit living on a mountain somewhat appealing, and I made many decisions to reach a reasonable interpretation of that. The path was much rockier than anticipated.

Anyway, at the b…

Tree Growth And Other Observations

Been working on trees this week. Not like the normal, organic kind, such as oaks and pine and whatnot. Rather, more like game mechanic trees. In a previous update, I may have hinted that I would push off an entire skill tree for a future (paid) update... Which I have to sort of retract. I've realized that the game needs specific skill trees right out of the gate.

In my original vision, the game contains three skill trees - Corruption, Engineering, and Psionics. I've come to realize that the trees need some serious sprucing up. There will still be three base trees, but they'll instead be Combat, Engineering, and Survival. Corruption and Psionics are instead going to be classified as advanced trees which can only be unlocked through discoveries/events made in-game. I imagine each new chapter will still include at least one advanced tree.

Another consideration to be made is how to distribute starting points. I imagine a few scenarios. In the first, the player begins with one …

C Sharp, RogueSharp, and Unity

Okay, I imagined that I was going to work on drawing some concept art this week, however I got sidetracked. As usual. For example, a handful of times I've opened up Unity so I could code, the application has an update. While not normally a bad thing, my Internet is so balls-awful slow (5mbps... kill me...) that it takes a very long time to download anything.

In this instance, it isn't a bad thing. In fact, I think it's going to help a great deal. Because I'm still a serious beginner when it comes to coding C#, creating functions takes me an inordinate amount of time. This is mostly because I still have lots to learn, and most of my time is spent doing research. Not only that, but my limited knowledge prevents me from forecasting easily avoidable bugs and incompatibilities.

Keeping this in mind, building the library the way I am now is a terrible idea. I've been trying to figure out how to better structure things to reduce any future problems, relatively unsuccessfu…