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First post?

Alright. So just got this thing set up, figured I'd type some stuff in here to make it not quite so empty. I haven't had a blog in a while, and I used to spend a couple of hours building each post: figuring out its theme and topics, structuring it, doing a whole mess of editing, and so on and so forth. It was time-consuming to say in the least, and it got tiring quite quickly.

This go-around I think I'll just throw spaghetti at the wall, not caring if anything sticks. Not that I don't enjoy making good posts, just that I'd rather concentrate on actually writing IF stories rather than "proper" blog content.

So expect a crapton of grammatical errors and typos.

Aaaaanyway... So this IF series actually was born because of my defunct actual-play podcast called Penumbra Extinction. I was writing three IF novels to supplement Penumbra, with each one providing some backstory to each of the three main dimensions my players were going to visit.

You can even read my first foray into it on Dashingdon: Dawn of Aquilas. And no worries; I'll wait until you come back.


Cool, now that you're back we can chat again!

As you probably saw, Aquilas is sort of the precursor to what I'm planning for Umbra. And that's because I've decided not to continue writing the backstory, and instead delve into the main story I originally slated for the podcast. Bit of a shame, because the twist that happens is that the protagonist in Aquilas is actually the antagonist in Penumbra Extinction. Would have been an awesome reveal, right?! I think so anyway.

In truth, all of the new IF novels are based on the stories I was going to explore in Penumbra - the main antagonist in the entire game was a person called Grant Night, the CEO of Omega Night Institute. That person is now the protagonist in the O.N.I. novel, and you get to play him or her (gender choice and neutrality is paramount to me in these novels).

The culmination of the Players' investigations would have led them to a higher plane of existence, which will be explored in the CHRYSALIS novel.

The original plan in Penumbra was that the Earth and all the dimensions were actually a hypercomputer that operated beyond our level of understanding. The Earth was its OS, and the dimensions were database nodes. Due to neglect, the system's data was overrun with some sort of corruption. I wasn't quite decided yet, but I was toying with the idea that whoever built the hypercomputer were long dead, and could not rescue the system.

Anyway, that part has clearly changed, and I wanted to keep those system engineers alive to explore some existentialist themes. And that's pretty much the basis for CHRYSALIS. You get to play as a scientist/engineer master program (of sorts) whose only purpose in life is nurturing the evolution of the universe that holds the Earth. Everything you know is synthetic (including yourself), and the only biological things exist in those experimental nodes.

Think of it as us meatbags experimenting with artificial intelligence, only the other way 'round. The dominant species in CHRYSALIS are digital beings who are trying to develop biological intelligence to revolutionize their way of life.

Might be a bit lofty, and hopefully thought-provoking. Ultimately, I want to turn this series into mobile games. Although reading is certainly the best way to experience these stories, I feel it's best to reach a wider audience by adapting them into something much more palatable to modern audiences.

So far, I don't know exactly what the end product is going to look like, but I think I have some time to figure it out.

If you have any suggestions, please reach out. I'd be glad to hear some ideas.


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