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Elemental Pests: The Æther Gremlin

Dusk creatures are not the only enemies the player will encounter. As with any ship or boat, it has its own type of pests such as bugs, birds, and rats. In Eclipse Perilous, the airships of the Sky Nation of Albion is beset with pests, albeit the Elemental kind.

Here is one such pest: the Æther Gremlin.

Elemental Traits
Resilient. Elementals are typically moderately resistant to all forms of damage. This includes physical, psionic, and other elemental damage types.

Swarm. Individually, each Elemental poses little threat - they do little damage and have little health. However, all Elementals are known to gather in swarms, which is a far more dangerous encounter.

Combines. When enough Elementals are present, they will merge into an Elemental Lord. Lords are incredibly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Æther Gremlin Traits
Made of Æther. Or, in other words, lightning. Their attacks will do elemental lightning damage, which is amplified by metallic armor and equipment.

Eats Metal. Æther Gremlins don't actually eat anything, but they have the ability to disintegrate metals at a very rapid rate. Any metallic armor, weapons, and accessories that are being worn or wielded by the player will degrade at a higher rate when fighting these creatures.

Misc Design Notes
After I drew the initial concept, I realized that they would look more interesting if they were squatter rather than skinnier. I think my next iteration for these creatures will be somewhat different.

In any case, all of the elemental creatures will be some sort of swirling mass, be it æther, earth, fire, or water. Each elemental type can merge into a specific elemental lord once there are enough of them in a certain area and they have been agitated into hostility. For example, Æther Gremlines will merge into an Æther Lord if they are attacked by a pair of Duskblades. They may also merge into the Lord if the player gets a bit too close for their comfort.

I am considering the possibility of lords also merging into an Elemental King. That would make for one tough beastie to defeat.


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